I have a question that's not listed, how do I contact ByteBin?

We would love to hear from you!

Click the help bubble in the bottom of the page to send us a message, we're fast to respond.

For business inquiries, give us a call at 855-588-2111.

How come so many people are switching from Dropbox to ByteBin?

ByteBin has more desirable features for individuals and teams, it's frictionless to use and far more cost effective.

We created ByteBin with security and privacy in mind and built a modern SaaS with true end-to-end encryption and no desire to harvest user information for profit.

ByteBin doesn't get in your way and is highly optimized with a low-memory footprint and friendly cpu usage.

Plus, it works on all of your devices! Including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Is ByteBin better than Microsoft OneDrive or Apple iCloud?
Yes! It's faster, less expensive, easier to use, works on all of your devices, and more secure with no hidden agendas.
Is there a Linux version of ByteBin?
Oh yea! ByteBin is available on Linux, Mac, and Windows with the same user experience.
Is there a Server or Terminal version of ByteBin?
You bet! Install the ByteBin utility as a daemon/service or use manually from your terminal.
Does ByteBin offer company billing?
Absolutely! Just sign in to your account and claim your domain to setup a single monthly invoice.
How many computers can install ByteBin on at the same time?
Go nuts! There are no limits to how many computers you sync.
Are there files or size limitations?
None! You're only limited by your computer and internet connection.